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by Thomas Gomersall

In the southeast of Hong Kong Island, within easy walking distance of several residential estates, lies Tai Tam Country Park. …

Hkun Lat WWF Australia

by Thomas Gomersall

As discussed in previous blogs, to have any chance of adequately addressing the climate and ecological crises we face, one of the many things we must urgently do is to address the US$2.5 trillion deficit in annual funding for the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Photo Credit: Martin Harvey WWF-Hong Kong

by Eric Wikramanayake

Wetlands don’t look like much. They lack the majesty of rainforests, the scorching intensity of deserts, or the awe-inspiring expanses of grasslands that meld with the horizon. …

by Thomas Gomersall

Located at the northern end of Bride’s Pool Road just across the water from the border with mainland China, Starling Inlet in no way rivals the size or diversity of birdlife of Mai Po. But its mixed habitat of mangroves, abandoned farmland and lowland streams still provides…

Photo credit: Fan Pengfei

by Thomas Gomersall

A new year brings new hope, both for people that a COVID-19 vaccine will help end the ongoing pandemic and, with your help, for the Hoolock gibbons of Myanmar that their rainforest habitat will be restored.

In Myanmar, as in much of their range, these small apes…

Photo credit: Shutterstock

by Thomas Gomersall


Several snake species are known to be traded in Hong Kong. These include ones native to Hong Kong and southern China like the Chinese cobra (Naja atra), banded krait (Bungarus fasciatus) and copperhead racer (Coelognathus radiatus), but also ones from elsewhere in Asia, such as the…

Photo credit: Thomas Gomersall

by Thomas Gomersall

Though not the most attractive habitats, the intertidal estuaries of Hong Kong support a vast array of life, including countless snails, worms, crabs and bivalves, such as clams as mussels. …

by Thomas Gomersall

As part of efforts to engage young Hong Kongers with nature, WWF-Hong Kong’s Connect2Nature Academy offers a series of weekend outdoor workshops for children aged 6–12. Held at three of WWF’s visitor centres — Mai Po, Hoi Ha Wan and Island House — these classes allow children…


WWF contributors share regular insights on Hong Kong biodiversity and conservation issues

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